How to Activate Pluto TV

Pluto TV allows you to turn your Android and iPhone into a remote control to take over the Pluto channels without accessing the streaming service on the web.

Therefore, here in this article, you will learn how to activate Pluto TV on all your home gadgets include  PlayStation 4, Android TV, as well as Amazon Fire TV.

We will answer all questions related to Pluto TV which will include a way to fix Pluto TV not working and how to get activation code for Pluto TV.Activate Pluto TV

What Happens When you Activate Pluto TV?

Pluto TV works in such a way that users with active subscriptions can access the Pluto channels on more than two devices and stream from the available movies without accessing the official Pluto TV website.

What happens when you active Pluto TV is that you will be able to access channels on Pluto TV outside the official website. This gives users the ability to access Pluto channels on all compatible devices.

However, for Pluto TV to be able to identify your Pluto TV account on other devices you will be asked to provide the Pluto TV activation code. This 6 digits code is what will be used to link the Pluto TV account and the compatible device.

How to Get Pluto TV Activation Code

Pluto TV provides a 6 digits activation code to pair Pluto TV and compatible devices together. These devices include, but not limited to PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV.

However, to get the Pluto activation code, the official app must be installed on the selected (compatible) device and tap to sign in on it. AFTER WHICH YOU WILL BE PROMPT TO GO TO THE PLUTO ACTIVATION SITE at

Pluto TV Compatible Devices

Pluto TV allows you to pair pluto accounts on the following compatible devices.

However, henceforth, we will detail how to get the activation code for Pluto TV and how to activate Pluto TV on all the compatible devices.

How to Activate Pluto TV without an Account

It depends on your choice. You can activate the Pluto TV app on your smart TV without an account. But, you will need to need the Pluto TV activation code.

With this, you can start using Pluto TV without creating an account as shared here.

  • Get the Pluto TV activation code here.
  • Go to
  • Enter the 6 digit code to activate your Pluto TV.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen.

This works on pluto TV activate without signing in to your Plut TV account.

Pluto TV Activate Firestick

The steps to activate Pluto TV on Firestick is straightforward. Here is how.

  • Switch-on your Firestick.
  • Use the “On-screen” keyboard to search for “Pluto TV”
  • Tap on “Pluto TV” from the popup.
  • Tap on “Pluto TV again.
  • Tap “Get”.
  • Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
  • Done.

The Pluto TV app will be downloaded and installed on your Firestick. The “Get” or “Download” button will change to “Open”.

Next, you need to activate the TV channels on your Firestick.

Pluto TV Activate Apple TV

Here we’ll provide a step by step procedure to follow to download and install the Pluto TV on your Apple TV and get the activation code to activate it on on your web browser.

  • Power-on your Apple TV (2nd generation).
  • Navigate to the “App Store” with your remote control.
  • Search for  “Pluto TV”.
  • Tap” Get” to download and install.
  • This may take a while to complete.
  • Once the download process is completed, the app will be added to your list of installed apps on your Apple TV.

Next, you will need to open the Pluto TV app, click on “Get activation code” and go to “” and follow the instruction on the screen to activate.

Pluto TV Activate Roku

Follow the steps below to activate Pluto TV channels on Roku.

  • Visit Channel 02 on the guide OR click Activate -on the left side of the guide
  • You’ll see a 6 digit code displayed at the top of the screen to activate the Pluto TV online.
  • Go to “” and follow the prompts.

Once the whole process has been completed the Pluto TV activation code screen will disappear and display Pluto TV channels.

Pluto TV Activate Samsung TV

Samsung smart TV does not provide a way to activate Pluto TV on the Tizen OS powered TV. So, if you own a Samsung smart TV and the Pluto TV app isn’t preinstalled just like youtube or Netflix, then there is no way to go about the Pluto TV activate Samsung TV.

However, you can cast your Samsung smartphone to your Samsung TV if you must watch the Pluto TV on your Samsung smart TV.

Pluto TV Activate PS4

  • Go to the Microsoft app store.
  • Search and install the Pluto TV app on your PS4 console.
  • Open the app to view the Pluto TV activate code PS4.
  • Launch your browser and go to
  • Type the Pluto TV activate code PS4 and follow the instruction on the screen.

Unpair Pluto TV Activate Code

You can easily unpair Pluto TV activate code from your streaming device without deleting the Pluto TV app.

  • Go to MyPluto
  • Select “Activate.”
  • Select “Device.”
  • Click on “X” to remove the device.